Jay Leno Spoils Breaking Bad… with an Obamacare Joke

As Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was about to enter his ninth hour of anti-Obamacare rhetoric on the Senate floor, Jay Leno was delivering his nightly monologue on the Tonight Show. The host decided to tie together two of the most-talked about topics of the day by offering his own spoiler for this week’s Breaking Bad series finale.

After offering up the obligatory “spoiler alert,” Leno told his audience, “I happen to know how it ends. If you don’t want to know cover your ears now, because this is how it ends. Walter White dies in hospital waiting room while filling out all the paperwork for Obamacare.”

The host likely just thought he was delivering the latest in his series of innocuous jokes with an easy “Obamacare” punchline, but this one does raise an interesting conundrum. If Walter White did have affordable health insurance back in season one when he was first diagnosed with cancer, would he have needed to start cooking meth in the first place?

Watch video below, via NBC:

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