Jay Sekulow Goes Off on Comey: Russia Special Counsel Based on ‘Illegally Leaked Information’


Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow appeared on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, and he defended President Trump over the emerging legal matters putting the administration under pressure.

Sekulow was asked about the recent reports about James Comey‘s memos, and whether the former FBI director leaked sensitive information by releasing them to the press. While Fox & Friends acknowledged they were mistaken with their previous coverage on the matter, Sekulow argued that there’s sufficient legal grounds to say Comey broke the law by releasing his conversation with president.

“It was covered by executive privilege at a minimum and James Comey ignored that when he illegally…distributed that information for one purpose only: to get a special prosecutor,” said Sekulow. “He gets a special prosecutor based on illegally leaked information. What does that tell you about the whole basis for this special counsel?”

Sekulow also went after the law professor who acted as the intermediary between Comey and The New York Times. Daniel Richman says Comey’s memos were not marked classified when he informed the press of their existence, though Sekulow argued Comey’s “taking that property was violation of the law” by default.

Sekulow also faced questions about the new report that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer last year after receiving an email that promised dirt on Hillary Clinton as part of the Kremlin’s effort to help his father. As Sekulow defended the campaign’s pursuit of “opposition research,” Brian Kilmeade asked if he had any new plans to look through the Trump campaign’s interaction with Russian officials.

“This is much to do about nothing,” Sekulow replied. “No one has pointed to me where there is a legal violation of a meeting with a Russian lawyer that involved a campaign.”

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