Jeanine Pirro Asks if There Are ‘Pedophiles’ in the Migrant Caravan


Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro was on Fox & Friends this morning talking about the migrant caravan, and she said she wants to know more about who exactly is in it.

After talking about the troops being sent to the border, Pirro made some wholly unfounded suggestions about criminals who could maybe possibly be part of the caravan:

“I want to know who’s in that caravan. Are there pedophiles? Are there career criminals? Are there people who think they can beat their wives without consequence? We don’t know, and that’s the whole issue.”

President Donald Trump has made the caravan a big part of his closing midterm message, and Fox hosts like Pirro have been echoing that message pretty much daily.

On her own show recently, Pirro said, “I’m not saying they’re all criminals. What I am asking is who are they? What I am saying is I want to vet them, screen them. I want to find out who among them is a criminal, who among them is a gang member… I want to know who is a pedophile, who is a sex offender, who thinks they’re entitled to beat their wives. I want to know who has an alcohol problem, who has a drug problem, who likes to drive drunk, and who has no problem hauling drugs for the cartel.”

“And if you can prove that you’re not one of them or any other kind of criminal,” she added, “I want to know what you have to offer us. What do you bring to this great nation? What are you going to contribute? Why should we be proud to count you as an American? Other than adding to the Democrats’ voting bloc and continuing the mob mentality that you have already exhibited you’re proficient at.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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