Jeanine Pirro Blasts MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace For Saying Trump Women are ‘Dead Inside’: ‘How Dare You!’


Judge Jeanine Pirro had a fiery response to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace for suggesting that the women in President Trump‘s orbit are “dead inside.

Sean Hannity began by accusing Wallace of “trashing” the women in Trump’s life, calling her remarks “disgusting” and “deranged.”

“‘Dead inside?’ Andy Lack, are you proud of this?” Hannity asked. “This is your network. Really? Is that news to you?”

Hannity then blasted the recent media coverage he received over a monologue he gave earlier in the week when he jokingly suggested to witnesses in the Mueller probe to invoke the “Hillary” by bashing their cellphones and bleaching their emails.

The Fox News host then brought on Pirro and Lou Dobbs. Pirro accused Hannity’s media critics of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and that they’ll “hate” him no matter what he says.

“For the folks to take you seriously suggests only one thing,” Dobbs chimed in. “It was a funny bit. It was terrific. But for those folks to try to pretend in front of their audiences who come to them for some semblance of perspective on the world and take them seriously- let me explain what happens here. I don’t know the names of the single person that you put in front of us… and I’ll bet you that MSNBC’s audience doesn’t know the name of those folks. And the reason they are mentioned the name ‘Sean Hannity’ in any context at all- they are trying to affix themselves to some part of- let me say ‘status.'”

Pirro then took aim at Wallace’s remarks.

“The whole idea to say that women who support Trump are ‘numb’ or ‘dead inside,’ how dare you trash the women of this country as ‘dead inside’ because we don’t agree with you!” Pirro exclaimed. “We’re not criticizing you!”

“Anyone who is watching you right now knows that’s a false statement,” Hannity told Pirro. “You’re very alive.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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