Jeanine Pirro Calls Nancy Pelosi ‘Stupid’: She Lacks the ‘Gumption’ to Call Omar Out By Name


On Saturday, Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro slammed Rep. Nancy Pelosi for her “dumb, disappointing resolution” that failed to condemn Rep. Ilhan Omar for her anti-Semitic remarks.

After a week of  “chaos on the part of House members trying to figure out if Omar should be reprimanded, identified by name as well as removed from the powerful foreign relations committee,” Pirro opined, “Speaker Pelosi comes out with a watered down, dumb, disappointing resolution that neither condemns Omar nor mentions her name.”

She then mocked: “A simple we shouldn’t hate each other.”

Pirro then played a clip of Pelosi saying she doesn’t think Omar is anti-Semitic but instead has a “different experience in the use of words.”

“Nancy, she speaks perfect English,” Pirro said at the end of the clip. “She graduated from a college in the United States. You are saying she doesn’t understand the words? Are you saying she is stupid?”

Then a little while later, Pirro said Pelosi was actually the stupid one.

“Now the fact that you didn’t have the backbone, grit or gumption to draft a resolution that included her name tells me you are the stupid one,” Pirro added.

“Omar got you and all your pals to draft a watered-down resolution with a message we all learned in first grade. Don’t hate anybody,” the Fox host continued on. “Really? That took you bozos a week in the house?”

Hammering her point home, Pirro further said this to Pelosi, referring to Rep. Steve King: “Yet you were so quick to admonish a white male Republican Congressman accused of hate and strip him of his committee assignments.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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