Jeanine Pirro Said She Was Tired of Clintons Acting ‘Above the Law’ Night Before Getting Nabbed Driving 119 MPH


Judge Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News program Justice with Judge Jeanine, was caught Sunday afternoon driving a ridiculous 119 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

Pirro released a statement in which she said she was merely rushing to see her ailing mother and did not realize how fast she was driving. Again, she was driving 119 MPH, a massive 54 over the speed limit.

So what was Pirro going on about the night before she tried to break the sound barrier? The Clintons taking advantage of their status, thinking they are “above the law,” of course.

During a lengthy opening statement that found the zippy judge attempting to tie Hillary Clinton to the Russia scandal, via Uranium One, she dropped this ironic bit of narrative trapeze.

“I say law and order and truth and justice are the very foundations of this republic,” she said. “I am tired of the powerful and the Clintons being above the law, the law that each and every one of us must follow.”

“We have a system of laws that we as an ordered society have agreed to adopt, follow and enforce.”

Due to her zooming around upstate New York like a greyhound dipped in meth, she could lose her license and face severe monetary penalties. Luckily, nobody was hurt during her hurried rush through Tioga County, New York. Pirro has said “I believe in the rule of law and I will pay the consequences.”

The bombastic television star has long been gunning for Clinton, even advising President Donald Trump to appoint a special counsel to investigate her alleged misdeeds.

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