Jeanine Pirro Wonders Why Mike Flynn, Who Was Fired by Trump for Lying, Would Plead Guilty to Lying


During her latest opening statement, Judge Jeanine Pirro asked why former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn would plead guilty to lying when he wasn’t even lying.

“You are probably asking yourself, why would Flynn even plead guilty to lying when he wasn’t lying,” she said. “The answer? Flynn, based on his record of 33 years as a decorated military man, is an honorable man who may have realized when he saw the transcript that what he said was not consistent with the transcript.”

She then suggested honorable reasons why Flynn would decide to plead guilty.

“Maybe he pled guilty because he ran out of money to defend himself,” she surmised. “Or maybe to save his son, also in the cross-hairs of these people.”

She then said this: “For those of you who think the FBI was just trying to get to the truth, you’re wrong. If they wanted information, if they wanted the truth, they could have shown Flynn his transcript of his conversation to refresh his recollection to get at the truth. But, no, they didn’t want the truth. They wanted to take down a bit player to get to the big player.”

In a shock to no one, Pirro’s statement echoes a statement Trump made on Twitter just days ago.

As a reminder, in December 2017, Trump announced he fired Flynn because he lied to Vice President Mike Pence and the FBI.

Watch above, via Fox News (starts around 7:00 mark)

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