Jeb Bush: Marco Rubio Has ‘Given Up’ on the Senate


Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush acknowledged on Sunday morning that his campaign is going through a “bumpy time.” If he had the chance to keep talking during his spat with fellow GOP hopeful Marco Rubio at last Wednesday’s debate, Bush said, he would have told the Florida senator that he has essentially “given up” on his day job.

“The basic point with Marco isn’t that he’s not a good person or he’s not a gifted politician — everybody can see that,” Bush said on Meet the Press. “It’s that I have proven leadership skills. I got to be governor of a state and accomplish big things. And in this era of gridlock, it’s really hard to break through, and I think he’s given up. And I think that’s the wrong thing to do.”

At the debate, Rubio fired back at Bush for attacking him over his poor attendance record in the Senate, telling Bush that he was only using that line of attack because one of his advisers told him to do so.

But Bush doesn’t seem to be giving up on that tactic. Without naming Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Bush said only two bills that any of them have sponsored ended up becoming law.

“This is the gridlock that I’m running to try to break up,” Bush said. “I can change the culture in Washington.”

For his part, Rubio has said that he is running for president so that those Senate votes become “meaningful,” adding that Barack Obama and others missed a litany of votes while campaigning for the Oval Office.

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