Jeff Flake on Whether Clinton Should’ve Been President: Supporting Trump Was a ‘Faustian Bargain’

Sen. Jeff Flake said on Wednesday that the Republican Party essentially sold its soul to the devil by giving absolute loyalty and support to President Donald Trump.

The Arizona Republican made the rounds on morning shows today, where he elaborated on the historic speech in which he tore into Trump while announcing that he will forego reelection next year. Flake condemned the decline of truth and political decency Wednesday, though he also prominently criticized his own party for being too meek and cowardly to hold the president accountable for his missteps.

As Flake spoke on NBC’s Today, Matt Lauer pushed Flake’s political freedom to the limit by asking him whether a Hillary Clinton presidency would’ve been preferable to Trump’s. Flake wouldn’t answer one way or the other, though he did remark that conservatives made a “faustian bargain” by excusing all of Trump’s behavior out of political interest.

When Lauer continued to press Flake, the senator sidestepped by saying he would love to have a Republican president, but “not at any cost.” Flake also said he didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton during the 2016 election.

Watch above, via NBC.

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