Jeff Flake: ‘People Shouldn’t Expect Me to Vote in Lockstep Against the President Simply Out of Spite’


Speaking to Wolf Blitzer on Friday,  Sen. Jeff Flake made it clear that while he is “very much opposed” to President Donald Trump, he’s a conservative and not about to vote against POTUS simply “out of spite.”

“It sounds like you’re more in line with former President Obama than you are with the current president, President Trump,” Blitzer said.

Flake agreed he certainly likes Obama’s tone better.

“I do think that President Trump and Republicans have a strong hand to play with regard to the economy,” he added. “The economy is doing well. The jobs report announced today was good.”

Blitzer then pointed out that it seems like Trump may be going after conservatives who publicly say they are concerned about the president “but not doing enough about it.”

In response, Flake said this:  “Well, I know that some people who know that I am very much opposed to the president in regard to some of his policies, and certainly his behavior, expect me to become a liberal. I’m not. I’m a conservative. ”

He added: “So I agree with the president sometimes. I disagree with him quite a bit. But people shouldn’t expect me to vote in lockstep against the president simply out of spite.”

Watch above,  via CNN

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