Jeff Jarvis On CNN: ‘#F*ckYouWashington’ Shows ‘Hope And Expectation For A Better Government’

Jeff Jarvis, writes at BuzzMachine, but his Twitter “venting” at Washington gained national media attention and he explained his disappointment with the government to Howard Kurtz on Reliable Sources. After two glass of wine, Jarvis tells Kurtz he took to Twitter to share his immediate emotion with all politicians and was soon shocked to see how many Americans agreed with him.

After his Twitter hashtag “#F*ckYouWashington” really started catching on, Jarvis realized “there is a lot of anger and disappointment in the government” and that people venting their emotions demonstrated “the hope and expectation of the people for a better government.” Kurtz and Jarvis agreed that today Twitter truly is the unfiltered “voice of the people” as the media is now informed by the ability to engage in a two-way communication with their viewers.

Given Jarvis’ language after just two glasses of wine, Kurtz joked he couldn’t imagine what would have happened after three glasses of wine? Yet even without any wine, Jarvis still had some biting comments here, suggesting he couldn’t believe any member of Congress could walk around right now and not be absolutely humiliated.

Watch the clip from CNN below:

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