Jeff Weaver Mocks Tucker Carlson For Doing Segments on Plastic Straws: ‘Not a Core Economic Issue…’

Jeff Weaver, the fire breathing former campaign manager for Bernie Sanders, appeared on Tucker Carlson‘s Fox News show Tuesday night for a contentious interview (that was overshadowed by breaking news over on CNN.)

But the showdown was a worthy back and forth, and included Weaver mocking Carlson for dedicating precious segments of his primetime show to the “anti-plastic straw movement.”

Carlson contended that Democrats “never” talk about economics or “an agenda of empowering the working class economically.”

Weaver argued that Democrats need to be talking about “the plight of marginalized communities in this country who have been targeted, especially by the president during his administration.”

“Right but there’s only so much time in the day,” Carlson replied mockingly. “There’s really only so much our system can digest, and if your fixation is with esoteric sexual politics like transgender bathrooms, or global warming…”

“Or plastic straws on Fox,” Weaver shot back. “I mean I was just watching, how many shows on plastic straws are you going to have here on Fox? How relevant is that to peoples’ lives?”

“We did one!” Carlson protested. “We do a lot of segments on economics because we think it’s really important, so that the elites in your party—”

“It’s not a core economic issue Tucker,” Weaver said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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