Jeffrey Goldberg: U.S. ‘Partnering With Assad’ in Deal to Remove Weapons

Appearing on Meet the Press Sunday morning, analyst Jeffrey Goldberg said the deal the Obama administration brokered with Russia to seize Syria’s chemical weapons ensured Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s position in power by making him an integral part of the process to destroy the weapons.

“I think it’s an unambiguous victory for Assad, which doesn’t contradict the point that maybe this is a victory for Obama, too,” Goldberg said.

“A year ago we were talking about removing Assad,” he continued. “Now, in a kind of perverse way, we’re partnering with Assad on this huge project—which I think is an outlandish project given that there’s a war going on—to remove all of the chemical weapons from Syria. Now he’s invested in this. We’re invested in this process in the same way. And what is off the table is working to remove the regime.”

“Remember, chemical weapons are ultimately not the problem,” Goldberg concluded. “The problem is the people who use them. They’re not only in place, but they are now endorsed, they are part of a process.”

Watch the full clip below, via NBC News:

[Image via screengrab]

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