comScore Jeffrey Lord: ‘Jared Kushner Is the Robert Kennedy of the Trump Administration’

Jeffrey Lord: ‘Jared Kushner Is the Robert Kennedy of the Trump Administration’

Hold on to your historical allusions.

On tonight’s Anderson Cooper 360, the panel discussion focused on the still-unfolding story regarding an alleged backchannel with Russia sought by Jared Kushner on behalf of the Trump transition team.

Opining as to why Donald Trump‘s White House has seemingly had some trouble getting their story straight on the Kushner-Russia issue,
The New Yorker‘s Ryan Lizza said:

“You know what it reminds me of? It reminds me of the Clinton White House in the ’90s. When anything related to Hillary Clinton–those senior White House aides would walk on eggshells. And it was very difficult for them to go to the president’s wife and say ‘Hey, there is troubling reporting in the press. We need all the facts.’ There was this very tense relationship because it was the family member of the president. Kushner for some reason, anything that comes up that’s related to Kushner, it just seems like the senior White House staff is scared, doesn’t want to talk to him, doesn’t want to pressure him.”

The titular host then threw it back to CNN’s stalwart Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord. When asked what he made of the situation, Lord did not disappoint. He responded:

“I would say that Jared Kushner is the Robert Kennedy of the Trump Administration. And I would disagree…about backchannels and secret channels because they can be the same thing. In the Kennedy era, quite specifically, the knowledge of this was limited to the two brothers. One was the president. One was the attorney general. They kept it out of the state Department–they kept everything away from everybody.”

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