Jeffrey Lord: Trump Order Isn’t a Muslim Ban, But ‘We’re Not Being Attacked’ by ‘Episcopalians’

CNN contributor and Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord argued Tuesday that the travel ban issued by the administration was not a Muslim ban, but said later in the segment it was necessary because “we’re not being attacked” by “Episcopalians.”

New Day host Chris Cuomo noted that by the president’s own admission, the travel ban was intended to be a Muslim ban at its inception. “It’s not a Muslim ban. I mean, he’s going after terrorists is basically what he’s doing,” Lord said.

He continued, arguing that the American people support the ban. “They look at 9/11. They look at what happened in San Bernardino…” he began.

“This would not have stopped 9/11 or San Bernardino,” Cuomo interrupted. The perpetrators of those terrorist attacks did not hail from countries that are subject to Trump’s travel ban.

“You want to divide people geographically, I’m saying what he’s targeting is radical Islam, something he has talked about endlessly,” Lord responded.

“And how do refugees fit into that argument, Jeffrey?” asked Alisyn Camerota.

“Because we’re not being attacked by a bunch of Episcopalians,” Lord finally said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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