Jeffrey Toobin Blasts ‘Breathtaking Incompetence’ of GOP Questioning at Cohen Hearing


After Republicans spent much of their time during Michael Cohen’s testimony attacking the witness’s character and re-litigating his past lies to Congress, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin tore into the GOP lawmakers for “bloviating” instead of trying to uncover new information.

“I am struck by the breathtaking incompetence of the questioning and this endless bloviating and not actually getting any information out of the witness,” Toobin said on a CNN panel held during a break in Cohen’s testimony today.

Among such attempts to dismiss Cohen’s testimony include Rep. Jim Jordan’s (R-OH) commentary that the witness “stacked the deck against the truth.” He also accused the President Donald Trump’s ex-lawyer of claiming today that he “really didn’t do” the crimes he was found guilty of, which led Cohen to shout “shame on you” at Jordan for the accusation.

Jordan also remarked that today is “the first time a convicted perjurer has been brought back to be a star witness in a hearing.”

Toobin continued his analysis by detailing new information that was uncovered during Cohen’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee:

“A couple of times there were some facts disclosed. I thought it was very interesting that he talked a little bit about how the Stormy Daniels payment took shape and he mentioned that [CFO of the Trump Organization] Allen Weisselberg was deeply involved in that… And of course, that the president was involved at every step in that process, which of course, the president has denied.”

He also pointed to Cohen’s comments on Trump submitting “knowingly false financial statements to Deutsche Bank in order to get a loan to buy the Buffalo Bills,” which was ultimately never granted.

“They never bought the Buffalo Bills, but if he did knowingly submit a financial statement that was false that’s a crime in and of itself,” Toobin added. “I’ll bet [that] pricked up the ears of prosecutors.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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