Jeffrey Toobin Dismisses Scaramucci ‘Turning Point’ on Trump: The President’s ‘Polls Never Change’


Anthony Scaramucci has not just a frequent and reasonable defender of President Donald Trump for the past three years on cable news, he also served as White House Communications Director for a magical 11 days in 2017. But Scaramucci appears to have turned on the Trump administration, calling Trump’s divisive tweets a “pernicious evil” and strongly suggesting the GOP should consider a new ticket for the 2020 General Election.

News of a once-loyal Trump surrogate turning on the Commander in Chief is big news, right? Well, the video interview immediately made the lead story of, but CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin urged some caution from his fellow New Day panelists and CNN viewers who are ostensibly eager to see Trump lose political support.

Toobin opened by skeptically asking where Scaramucci’s critical thinking was when Trump “was claiming Barack Obama was born in Kenya,” adding “the idea Donald Trump is new or his behavior is new is not realistic to me.”

He then offered “one word of caution that always seems appropriate” saying “we always talk about turning points in Donald Trump’s popularity, the presidency and the polls never change of the polls never change. He’s there somewhere between 42, 38, 42, 45% popularity, which doesn’t change whether it’s Charlottesville, two-year anniversary now, or Helsinki press conference or the failure of health care, nothing seems to change.”

Toobin reexpressed his skepticism later in the segment, adding  “Let’s see a Republican elected official who has to face the voters in potentially a Republican primary.”

“When someone like that comes out against Donald Trump, then that will be — Anthony Scaramucci has no electoral votes. He got no votes at all except his own. I think you make a very good point that, you know, he’s interesting, he’s a media figure. He is not someone who is answerable to a Republican electorate.”

Watch above via CNN.

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