Jeffrey Toobin Lauds Napolitano and Shep Smith as Fox News’ ‘Journalism Zone’, Rips Primetime as ‘Crazy Land’


CNN Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin did the thing that almost always merits a Mediaite post on Tuesday’s very special episode of New Day.  He actually did TWO things that merit a post in one fell swoop: he both praised AND criticized a competitive cable news network in a manner that likely surprised and delighted CNN’s viewers.

In a panel discussion focused on comments made Monday by Andrew Napolitano in which the Fox News legal analyst laid out how President Donald Trump is an “unindicted co-conspirator” and that there was “ample evidence to indict the President of the United States. Remarkable commentary to be sure, but the fact that such stark and uncharitable commentary was said on a network that has become the sole cable news province of pro-Trump analysis made this comment stand out even more.

Toobin lauded Napolitano who he considers a smart legal mind, but then noted how this was said on the 3 PM hour of Fox News, the program of which is titled Shepard Smith Reporting. 

Toobin said ” The judge is a good guy and a good lawyer and a serious person and that’s Shep Smith’s show,” adding “But that’s like the journalism zone of the Fox network. That’s not prime time. Primetime is crazy land.”

Oh, snap! Primetime is “crazy land.” That’s a post! And here we are.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of CNN.

Edit – upon closer inspection, it sounds like Toobin said “crazy land” and not “crazy night” as was originally reported. The post has been updated accordingly.

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