Jeffrey Toobin Ridicules Early Primary States: People of New Hampshire and Iowa ‘Should Go to Hell’

Jeffrey Toobin shared a loving message for the people of New Hampshire and Iowa Tuesday morning: “they should go to hell.”

The CNN Legal Analyst was clearly joking  (and perhaps auditioning for a Mediaite post?) during a New Day panel conversation pegged to planned campaign appearances by both President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, both of whom appear to be party candidates in the General Election with OVER A YEAR left to go before the party conventions.

Though made with a hyperbolic style that that was pervasive through the segment, Toobin’s point was a salient one, as he followed with the very reasonable question “Why do they get to see all the presidential candidates and the other 48 states don’t get to see them? Who elected them?”

The CNN panel laughed at Toobin’s joke, and frankly, his candor was refreshing to at least one viewer who is slowly dying inside from all the morning show pablum he watches each morning. Please send help.

Watch above via CNN.

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