Jeffrey Toobin Slams Trump for Considering Concealed Carry in Schools: ‘That Is Insane’

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin did not mince words when asked what he thought of the White House listening session on school shootings.

Speaking to a panel on The Situation Room about President Donald Trump‘s idea that teachers should carry concealed weapons in schools, Toobin said: “That is insane. That is an insane idea.”

“Seriously? Did anybody go to school here?” Toobin asked incredulously. “Does anybody remember their teachers? Do you think we should give all of them guns? Do you think they want guns?”

Toobin also frowned upon how polite the proceedings were throughout the session.

“Personally, I’m pro-rancor. I’m pro-vitriol,” he said. “I am am pro-someone doing something about this rather than being polite when you hear the President of the United States say the answer is to give every teacher in America a gun.”

He then expressed cynicism that any legislation on gun control would occur as a result of student activism, citing that the Florida House of Representatives already voted down an assault weapons ban, to the despair of students in the chamber.

“I think it’s fabulous what these kids are doing. I think it’s intensely admirable,” Toobin said. But the idea that we are on the verge of change… anybody remember the Million Mom March? Similarly impressive, nothing happened.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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