comScore Jeffrey Toobin: ‘Trump Was Impeached For One Reason — Because He Deserved It’

Jeffrey Toobin: ‘Trump Was Impeached For One Reason — Because He Deserved It’

Shortly before the final votes on the two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin placed the blame for the impeachment squarely on Trump’s shoulders.

“President Trump was impeached for one reason,” Toobin said as the votes were still being tallied.

He added: “Because he deserved it.”

Toobin continued on: “Because no president has ever done what he did. No president has betrayed his oath the way this president has by taking taxpayer dollars and using it as a bribe, as an extortion, as a lure to get dirt on his political opponents. And no president has ever issued a complete blanket refusal to talk. to produce any documents or any witnesses to a legitimate congressional investigation.”

He concluded, “That’s why he was impeached.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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