comScore Jeffrey Toobin Warns Giddy Dems: Don’t Take Election Wins as a Sign ‘Trump is Destined to Lose’

Jeffrey Toobin Warns Giddy Dems: Don’t Take Election Wins as a Sign ‘Trump is Destined to Lose’

Democrats across the country are elated over the party’s success in Tuesday’s elections — namely in the Virginia Governor’s race, in which Democrat Ralph Northam won by a solid margin over Republican Ed Gillespie. But one CNN analyst has a splash of cold water for giddy progressives.

On Wednesday’s edition of The Situation Room, Jeffrey Toobin cautioned that Tuesday’s big night for the party, and even potential subsequent success in the midterms, wouldn’t necessarily culminate in a 2020 defeat of President Donald Trump.

“Certainly all the signs are very bad for the Republicans going into 2018,” Toobin said. “But I don’t think anyone should necessarily draw the extrapolation that Donald Trump is destined to lose. Even if the Republicans do poorly a year from now.”

Toobin’s colleague, Gloria Borger, agreed — and suggested that Northam’s success might be a sign that a centrist candidate might have a better chance to win three years from now.

“The Democrats can’t get so cocky here that they don’t understand that there are huge divisions within the Democratic Party,” Borger said. “What you saw in Virginia was a candidate who fit the state. He wasn’t too far left for the state of Virginia. And if Democrats start having litmus tests for every single candidate that they run, they’re going to have problems — including their presidential candidate in 2020. And I think that this is a great victory for them, but they have to be careful here not to overread this.”

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