Jeremy Scahill to CNN: You and Other Networks Use ‘Frauds’ as Terror Experts

During an appearance on CNN International this afternoon, journalist Jeremy Scahill said that CNN and its cable rivals keep bringing on “frauds” who profess to be terror experts. Hala Gorani asked Scahill about previous comments he’s made about the corporate media’s “fear engine.”

Scahill said that cable news is “inflating” the Paris attacks to a degree “much beyond the actual threat that they pose to our societies.”

He blamed the media––the big three cable news networks in particular––for allowing people who lack expertise in terrorism to opine on such matters:

“CNN and MSNBC and Fox are engaging in the terrorism expert industrial complex, where you have people on as paid analysts that are largely frauds who have made a lot of money off of portraying themselves as terror experts and have no actual on-the-ground experience.”

Watch the video below, via CNN International:

[h/t Glenn Greenwald]
[image via screengrab]

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