Jerry Brown Reiterates Fitness Challenge To Chris Christie: ‘This Old Retread Can Beat You Any Day’

During an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, Gov. Jerry Brown took the opportunity to respond to Gov. Chris Christie‘s remark, wherein he called Brown, 74, “old retread.” Brown responded, again challenging Christie to a fitness test — confident about who would win.

To recap, last month Christie expressed disbelief that California picked Brown over Meg Whitman in the 2010 gubernatorial race. In making his point, he called Brown an “old retread,” noting that he was only 14 years old when Brown ran in New Jersey’s Democratic primary. Brown had responded to the comment saying, “I hereby challenge Gov. Christie to a three-mile race, a pushup contest and a chin-up contest.”

On CNN, he reiterated that challenge. “I’m 74,” Brown said. “I’ll be 74 1/2 next month. And but here I am. You know, there is some experience. Hopefully, there’s some wisdom. So I got kind of warmed up and went on my speech and I said, ‘Okay, Christie, I challenge you to a three-mile race. Try some chin-ups maybe and some pushups.'”

“Essentially saying that he’s overweight,” Candy Crowley asked.

“No, essentially says this old retread can beat you any day of the week,” Brown replied.

That’s one face-off we’d all like to see.

Take a look, via CNN:

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