Jerry Falwell Jr.: I Told Trump ‘He Needs to Coin a New Term –– Fake Republicans’

Jerry Falwell Jr. told Sean Hannity tonight that President Trump should start using the phrase “fake Republicans.”

Trump, who once talked about identifying more as a Democrat, has publicly feuded with a number of Republicans going back as far as the campaign.

Falwell and Robert Jeffress spoke tonight with Hannity, who pointed out how they’ve been criticized for their support of someone like Donald Trump. But he believes that “issues of faith matter to this President.”

Jeffress agreed, but went on to blast Republicans in the “do-nothing establishment” for obstructing the President’s agenda. Hannity said he doesn’t trust Republicans like Mitch McConnell or John McCain.

Falwell made this observation:

“I spoke to the President last week and I told him he needs to coin a new term: Fake Republicans. Because that’s what those people you just named are. They’re not really Republicans. We don’t really have a majority in the Senate, and I think that would be a good term for him to start using.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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