Jerry Springer Rips Into Fox News, Accuses Network Of Bashing President Obama ‘Every Day’

Appearing as part of a panel on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning, talk show host Jerry Springer absolutely lit into Fox News for bashing President Obama on a daily basis.

“We’re here on Fox News,” Springer began. “Every single day, in fairness, you guys, every single day, bash President Obama. Every day!”

“I’m going to take you to task on that. I’m going to take you to task on that,” Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson replied. “Because on this panel right here, we have a fair and balanced panel right here. And I’m the independent.”

“For this panel!” Springer continued. “What’s the rest of the show? The rest of the show, every single morning, you guys are slamming Obama. You know you are. And I’m not saying you don’t have a right to, but every single conversation is something bad about Obama.”

At this point, an oblivious panel member interjected, making some unnecessary point that took Springer and Carlson off-track. But Carlson returned to dress down Springer before cutting to a break:

“And, by the way, Jerry,” an angry Carlson said, “you obviously don’t watch our show, because you do not understand that there’s a reason — I’ll speak for myself, I sit in the middle, as the independent on the panel — and quite frankly, we present both sides of the story and we leave it up to our viewers to decide where they fall.”

Watch a clip of the heated moment below, courtesy of Fox News:

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