Jersey Shore‘s Deena Cortese Fails Miserably At Andy Cohen’s Word Quiz

On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen had a fun little segment called “Encyclo-Deenia.” Cohen asked Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese to define a set of words — while Wilmer Valderrama bet if she’d get it right. Looks like Cortese isn’t, er, much of a word person. But it made for good entertainment!

Here are some words according to Deena Cortese:

Contrarian: “I feel like a contrarian is like, it kind of reminds of something that you go to look at things, um, underwater.”
Flummoxed: “It’s like, I feel like it’s clumsy, like very flummoxed.” (“Very close!” declared Cohen.)
Aesthetic (which Cohen pronounced more like “ass-thetic”): “I know this one […] Very excited, I’m very excited!”
Hypothesis: “My hypothesis is, it’s like knowing an answer to something, or a question.”
Arachnophobia: “Afraid of spiders.” (Yay!)
Paleontologist: “Ross on Friends was this. Ross on Friends was this. He was a, in the museum.”

To be fair, who doesn’t think of Ross on Friends when hearing the word paleontologist?

Take a look, via Bravo:

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