Jesse Jackson Tells Ed Schultz ‘Confederates are Rejoicing’ over Shutdown

Rev. Jesse Jackson told MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Wednesday that the “confederates are rejoicing” over the government shutdown. He told Schultz earlier that the confederate states were going to be born again out of this chaos, but that social unrest had not yet materialized because Americans “are traumatized.”

“What is the moral component of what’s unfolding in Washington?” Schultz asked.

“The confederates are rejoicing,” Jackson replied. “They’re winning.”

“You told me on the radio you think this is the rebirth of the confederacy,” Schultz said.

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“It’s confederate. It’s states’ rights,” Jackson agreed. It’s not just health care act, it’s anti-voting. It’s women’s right to self-determination. It’s a whole range of infrastructure issues that made American great the last 50 years.”

Jackson said that there were no major demonstrations in the streets against a shutdown and potential default on American debt “because they’re traumatized.” He predicted, however, that social unrest would eventually materialize.

Watch the clip below via MSNBC:

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