Jesse Ventura Hints At Possible Libertarian Presidential Nomination


Former Brooklyn Park mayor, Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura hinted that he might be in the running for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination on The Nightly Show Tuesday night.

During a panel on what host Larry Wilmore called the “Year of the Unlikely Candidate,” Ventura let slip that Libertarians might choose him at their party convention in Orlando, Fla. next May.

“End of May, Libertarians hold their convention and they nominate who they want,” he told the panel.

When Wilmore asked Ventura who he thought would get the nomination, he said: “He might be sitting at the table.”

This isn’t the first time Ventura has sorta kinda thrown his political hat into the ring for 2016. The popular political commentator has joined the chorus of media personalities calling out Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and expressed his hope that Trump and Bernie Sanders‘ campaigns obliterate the Republican and Democratic parties respectively. Hell, even our own Josh Feldman jokingly asked, “Could America Handle a Donald Trump-Jess Ventura Ticket?”

Ventura did defend Trump earlier in the segment, saying that despite everyone’s dislike for the New York real estate mogul, “One of the good things about him is he’s not subjected to the bribery that goes on. He’s doing it with his own money and no one is bribing him.” Per his pseudo announcement, however, Ventura went on to note that he wasn’t announcing his candidacy, but the possibility has crossed his mind.

“I’m waiting to get the pikers out. Get them down to one so I know who it is,” he explained. “Then you slide right in there.”

“Wait,” Wilmore joked. “This is your master plan?”

Check out the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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