Jesse Ventura: ‘Tough Guys’ From Fox News Can’t ‘Intimidate’ Me, So They Banned Me

Jesse Ventura paid a visit to Joy Behar recently, and talked about how he hasn’t been on two particular cable networks lately. Not because he refuses to, he said, but because they won’t have him.

“I’m doing everything that’s not MSNBC and Fox, because they’ve banned me,” Ventura said. “Those tough guys from Fox won’t have me on.”

Behar asked what they’re scared of, to which Ventura said he doesn’t know. “They refuse to have me on,” he continued. “I think it’s because I can’t be intimidated. You know, they live on intimidation over there.”

“They gotta look me eye to eye,” Ventura said. “Like I told Sean Hannity once. I said, ‘Remember something Sean, you gotta sleep sometime.'”

Speaking of Hannity, the same issue came up back in 2009 when, during a book tour, Ventura said Hannity cut off his interview before the pair could talk about waterboarding. “He’s scared to death of me,” Ventura had said. He also said Bill O’Reilly and Bill Maher were “afraid” to have him on.

At the time, Hannity responded: “Jesse was on radio and TV with me for a combined 30 full minutes last week — what a shame in his old age he couldn’t remember to say it on air then. The truth is, Jesse has become a dull guest who’s trying to recapture his former political glory and sell his recently released paperback.”

The clip below, via Current TV:

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