Jesse Watters Accuses Chris Cuomo, CNN of ‘Hypocrisy’ Over Bar Encounter: They Support Maxine Waters, Antifa

Fox News’ Jesse Watters took shots at Chris Cuomo and his network during a conversation about the CNN host’s heated encounter with a heckler at a bar.

As Watters claimed he disagrees with the idea of confronting people while they’re out in public with their families, before accusing Cuomo and CNN of “hypocrisy” because “they supported the Maxine Waters call to arms to get in your face. They supported this Antifa nonsense.” Fox contributor Raymond Arroyo followed up by saying CNN thinks it was “deserved” when conservative figures were confronted in their own public encounters.

In his defense of Cuomo, Watters noted he’s been in his own public confrontations before, likely referring to his 2016 brawl with reporter Ryan Grimm at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner after party.

Eventually, the conversation moved on to Cuomo’s comparison of the N-word and the “Fredo” insult he received as a reference to The Godfather. This led to Arroyo accusing Cuomo of “double standards” after saying “imagine if Sarah Huckabee Sanders had told the owner of the Red Hen ‘I’m gonna break the head off that hen if you don’t get away from the table.’ That would have been front-page news for days.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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