Jesse Watters and Jerry Falwell Jr. Lament the War on Melania’s Christmas Trees


During a segment that aired Saturday’s Watters’ World on Fox News, host Jesse Watters and guest Jerry Falwell Jr. lamented the war waged against Melania Trump‘s all-red Christmas trees.

“Liberals are still taking aim at Melania Trump’s festive and patriotic decorations,” Watters began, before cutting to the pre-taped interview with Falwell.

“This is like the Trump Derangement Syndrome meets the War on Christmas,” Watters said to Falwell. “These decorations look fine to me…The left is calling them evil, bloody, spooky. They called the hallway a murder forest.”

He then asked Falwell if he understood the outrage.

“The first lady was here at Liberty University and she was asked a question about the criticism of her decorations,” Falwell replied. “She said it’s the 21st century, everybody has different tastes.”

Falwell then added that after the first lady said that she thought the decorations were beautiful, everyone in the arena cheered for her.

The pastor then surmised: “It’s such a double standard. If she were married to a Democratic president, she would be on the cover of every fashion magazine.”

The conversation then veered into talk about the “I’m Dreaming of a White Dorchester” controversy as well as talk about why Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is not racist or bigoted despite what the Huffington Post says.

Watch above, via Fox News

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