Jesse Watters Argues Why It’s Actually Good Trump is Unstable: ‘That’s Why [He] Was Elected’

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As the debate on President Donald Trump‘s fitness for office and mental stability wages, Fox News host Jesse Watters made the argument that the president’s instability is actually a good thing.

In response to another host on The Five questioning Trump’s mental health, Watters retorted, “Stable, conventional politicians — they’ve gotten us into trillions and trillions of dollars into debt, open borders, and stagnant wages. That’s why Donald Trump was elected.”

The Fox News Twitter account tweeted a quote of Watters’ comments seemingly endorsing Trump’s mental stability, but they have since deleted it.

His comments endorsing Trump’s instability are a drop in the bucket of Watters outrageous actions, as he has called for the US military’s Iraq strategy to be implemented in Chicago, appeared to make sexual hand gestures on-air while referencing Ivanka Trump, and even suggested that it would be better if Trump were a dictator.

Watters is the host of his own weekly Saturday show Watters’ World and is a co-host of weekday roundtable The Five.

Watch the clip above via Fox News.

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