comScore Jesse Watters: Bernie Sanders Supporters Are ‘On Quite a Crime Spree’

Jesse Watters: Bernie Sanders Supporters Are ‘On Quite a Crime Spree’

On Wednesday night, Jesse Watters praised and defended Bernie Sanders for his reaction to the GOP shooting, but went after his supporters.

“I’m sure the senator feels heartbroken over the volunteer being capable of doing something like this,” Watters began, “and he put out a very strong statement and in no way is he responsible for that, but Bernie Sanders supporters––on quite a crime spree recently.”

The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, was a big Bernie Sanders supporter who volunteered in his presidential campaign. Upon hearing that the shooter was one of his supporters, Sanders condemned the shooter and called what he did a “despicable act.”

The Five co-host then referred to the Portland stabber and NSA leaker Reality Winner as part of the “crime spree” done by Bernie supporters.

After mentioning the firebombing of the Trump headquarters in South Carolina during the election, professional agitators being paid to “throw punches” at Trump rallies, and all the riots that have occurred since the election, Watters drew his own conclusion.

“This violence is only coming from one side recently,” Watters added. “People need to think, ‘What’s the common denominator here?’ If this were Republicans and Trump supporters going out there rioting and burning things and shooting Democrats, it’d be a whole other story.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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