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Jesse Watters Declares Trump ‘The Perfect President’ For Coronavirus: ‘A Germaphobe Who’s Tough on China’

Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed President Donald Trump is “the perfect president” to take on the coronavirus because he’s “a germaphobe who’s tough on China,” Thursday, during The Five.

“The president was saying when the CDC person said, ‘It’s inevitable that it’s going to get larger,’ the president said, ‘Nothing’s inevitable. It could get larger, it could get small, we just don’t know.’ The guy is a germaphobe who’s tough on China and is a border hawk,” said Watters. “He’s the perfect president to take on this virus, and this early travel restriction bought us time as now everybody acknowledges, yet he was called a racist for doing it.”

“Now, the containment strategy so far is working. Not one single American has died in the United States, and according to John Hopkins University, America is the best prepared country in the entire world for this,” he continued. “Doctors and administrators have been mobilized, and I’m very, very happy with the fact that in a year you’re going to have a vaccine and in a couple of months you’re going to have a therapeutic drug.”

Watch above via Fox News.

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