Jesse Watters Defends Trump Church Photo Op: The Media’s Just ‘Bitter That They Had to Film It’


Fox News’ Jesse Watters defended President Donald Trump Tuesday over his much-criticized photo op at St. John’s Church Monday after police cleared out protesters from Lafayette Park.

Watters said the coverage would’ve been very different if Barack Obama had done what Trump did, before saying, “The media is sour now because they were forced to shoot a photo op of the President of the United States demonstrating that he’s not going to be intimidated by criminals.”

“It was a very powerful moment for the country and they’re bitter that they had to film it, because it deals a big blow to their lawless side.”

He noted how rioters set a fire at the church the previous night and said, “You trust them to be within a block of the president? I don’t! I don’t trust these people at all. At this point, they’ve shown no ability to be trusted at this point, killing cops now. Punching people in the face for no reason. They’re trying to protest violence against an innocent man, and yet they’re committing violence on innocent men and women. It’s disgusting, the country’s had enough of it, and the fake scandal is just another frame job of the president while the rest of the country agrees with everything he did.”

Greg Gutfeld went off on the riots, calling out leaders like Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio and saying “this is never going to end.”

“If the other cops aren’t charged, another round of riots. If they are arrested and let off, another round of riots. If the bad cop gets charged and only gets a couple of years, another round of riots. If he’s let off, another round of riots,” he continued. “The system is now designed to accept to the purge. We are stuck in a dystopian deja vu. We’re stuck on repeat of just repulsive reprehensible activity, and we can’t do this, because it’s no longer a means to the end. We are actually at the end. We are at the end. America is being red-pilled, right? This is a literal coup that we are watching, and nobody — Cuomo, de Blasio — can’t do jack because they’re on the same side.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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