Fox’s Jesse Watters Gets to the Bottom of College MLK Quote Controversy

WattersOregonBill O’Reilly sent Jesse Watters to “confront the madness” at the University of Oregon, where some students had been advocating to have a plaque bearing a quote from Martin Luther King‘s “I have a dream” speech removed because it was focused on racial equality, and did not address gender identity.

Rather than finding a campus ravaged by political correctness run amok, most students who spoke to Watters were pretty sober in their assessment, arguing that it made little sense to strike an MLK quote because, in O’Reilly’s phrasing, it “wasn’t inclusive enough.”

“I definitely, definitely think gender identity issues are important,” one student said, “but I don’t think that we need to remove a quote. I think it’d be great to adsomething.”

“Taking away from MLK,” another said, “there’s something wrong with that.”

Others noted that it would be disrespectful to the African-American students to remove something honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

The plaque with the MLK quote ultimately did not get struck down, and nobody Watters met actually defended the push to remove it — though he does meet a few who try earnestly to discuss issues of queer identity with him. Some students suggested adding a quote to address gender identity, and O’Reilly and Watters closed out the segment by having a good laugh about what a “gender quote” might be.

There is one student who didn’t exactly illuminate anything by telling Watters, “My gender is unicorn.”

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