Jesse Watters Holds Own ‘Fake News Awards’ Featuring NBC, Carl Bernstein, Mika


President Trump recently announced that he has delayed his “dishonest media awards,” which were supposed to take place on Monday.

But Fox News’s Jesse Watters took it upon himself to give out his own “fake news awards.”

The award for “lack of impartiality” went to NBC after the network declared its support for Oprah Winfrey on Twitter during its broadcast of the Golden Globes, calling her “OUR future president.” The tweet was deleted the next day.

Watters mocked NBC for blaming a “third party agency” for the tweet, which he compared to “blaming the intern.” Fox News’ media analyst Howard Kurtz joked that there should be a “special prosecutor” to find out who the “mysterious third party” is and called the tweet a “parody of a leftwing organization.”

The “words have no meaning” award went to CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein, who questioned whether our country was facing a “constitutional crisis” over the weekend because of President Trump.

Kurtz dismissed Bernstein’s remarks since he attacks Trump “just about every day.” And that despite breaking the Watergate scandal, Kurtz insisted that Bernstein’s comparisons between Trump and Richard Nixon have been a “ludicrous stretch.”

Finally, the “lack of self-awareness award” went to Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski when she said that her friends were “viscerally embarrassed to be Americans” when they vacationed in Paris over the holidays.

Watters believed no American should be embarrassed in Paris because if it weren’t for America, the people of France would  “all be speaking German.” And while he did say he “liked” Brzezinski, he said her remarks “showcase elitism.”

“I just don’t know about the rest of the American audience when they see her talking like that if they really even care to relate. I don’t think they do,” Watters said. “It definitely doesn’t come off as down to Earth… but I don’t think she cares too much about appearing down to Earth.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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