Jesse Watters Defends Don Jr. on Collusion Charge: ‘Democrats Are Trying to Criminalize Winning’


On Monday night, The Five delved into the “What about them?” argument by bringing up wrongdoing of the left when discussing the ongoing Russia collusion story.

In his monologue, Greg Gutfeld blamed the media for overlooking several scandals like Hillary Clinton‘s server, the tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch, Donna Brazile‘s debate prep and even invoked Obama-era scandals like Benghazi and the IRS targeting of conservatives.

“Now I get it, the ‘but what about them?’ argument doesn’t excuse Donald Trump Jr.‘s action, but that’s not the point.” he clarified. “It’s simply to show you the chase is being driven by politics and not morality. It reveals the depths the left goes to win.”

“You want collusion to matter?” he concluded. “Ask this: How do we stop it from happening again? That’s constructive, which is why the Dems and their media enablers hate it.”

Jesse Watters weighed in.

“I think the Democrats are trying to criminalize winning,” he began, “and the only thing [Donald] Trump is guilty of is beating Hillary and they want to make beating Hillary a crime.”

Watters believes the “What about them?” argument is the only thing that “challenges the left’s integrity” whenever the media claim that they’re not biased.

“I love playing the ‘What about them?’ game,” Watters smirked. “I’m actually quite good at it.”

“You are good at it,” Dana Perino quipped.

Juan Williams accused Trump Jr. of “obstructing” for not being forthcoming about his emails.

“Maybe he should have deleted all his emails like Hillary,” Watters shot back.

“Or bleachbit them!” Kimberly Guilfoyle chimed in.

“He clearly didn’t think he was doing anything wrong,” Gutfeld responded. “If he thought he did something wrong, aka Hillary, he would have destroyed them.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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