Jesse Watters Interviews Ex-Trump Aide Carter Page: ‘This Entire Escapade Has Embarrassed the Country’

Fox News host Jesse Watters interviewed Carter Page, the embattled ex-campaign aide to President Donald Trump, in a wide-ranging interview Saturday night on his show, Watters World.

The former aide defended himself against allegations that he coordinated discussions with Russian officials for Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, telling Watters “I’ve never spoken to Donald Trump in my entire life.”

Page was reportedly monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies due to his connections with Russia. The FBI obtained a controversial warrant that’s now become a question of political debate, after an infamous dossier alleged Page served as a form of an “intermediary” between the campaign and the Kremlin.

Trump has previously gone on-record and mentioned Page by name as a member of his advisory team in 2016.

“I have never done anything wrong in Russia for the last 25, 27 years,” Page said Saturday. “I feel guilty that I didn’t fight back harder when this first started 45 days before the election when the fake news stories started coming out defaming me. Part of me feels bad I didn’t do more to stand up for my rights.”

“In terms of the U.S. Government, I want $1 from them. I think the media has made so many billions of dollars on this, they should be responsible for this,” he added.

Watch a clip of the interview via Fox News above.

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