Jesse Watters: It’s Understandable Why Trump Doesn’t ‘Fully Trust’ US Intel Agencies


Fox News’ Jesse Watters said that even though President Trump didn’t give the best answer on Russian meddling, it’s understandable why the President wouldn’t trust his own intel agencies.

Watters said if he was in Trump’s shoes, he would have said, “I would’ve said Russia meddled and I trust our agencies’ assessment of it and this happened under Obama and no votes were changed. I confronted Vladimir Putin about this, he denied it, it is what it is, we’re trying to move past it now. We’ve put that behind us and we’re going to try to work together towards peace.”

The reason he won’t, Watters added, is that he doesn’t want to give credence to anything that would “undermine his amazing victory over Hillary Clinton.”

And while Watters wasn’t overtly defending Trump here, he did say it’s understandable why the President would hedge on trusting his own intel agencies:

“I don’t think he fully, the President, trusts our intelligence agencies for a number of reasons. He was very critical during the primary about the WMD fiasco when all the intelligence agencies said Iraq had ’em… and now he’s got the former DNI director, former CIA director, former FBI director––all kind of scheming against him during his candidacy and then afterwards, throwing spies in there, listening to phone calls, and then actively undermining him during the early stages of his presidency. So that’s where he is.”

You can watch the video above, via Fox News.

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