Jesse Watters Jokingly Compares Tomi Lahren’s Rants to Lawrence O’Donnell Freakout

Stop. The. Hammering.

No, that’s not just a reference to the infamous Lawrence O’Donnell tape — it’s a reference to the way conservative commentator Tomi Lahren sounds during her rants, according to Fox News host Jesse Watters at least.

Lahren’s infamous Facebook Live fulminations — the ones she calls her Final Thoughts — have invoked many strong emotions. Some people love them, many others hate them. These lengthy right-wing screeds have been attacked, praised, and mocked countless times — however, Watters may have discovered the perfect description for her tirades.

During a Watters’ World segment discussing the O’Donnell tape — which was released by Mediaite — Watters claimed the MSNBC host’s profanity-laced shouting match with a hammer sounds similar to Lahren’s political commentary.

“Tomi, that’s almost as angry as you get when you do your Final Thoughts,” said Watters — wearing a smug grin.

While he was merely making a playful jab at his fellow conservative, he could be onto something. As the saying goes, there’s a grain of truth in every joke — and Watters may have found a mountain here.

Lahren defended herself, saying that she gets “angry at other things.” The new Fox News contributor also stuck up for O’Donnell’s irate screaming, chalking the incident up to those “bad days” that everyone has.

Though, no word yet on when Tomi’s “bad days” will end.

Watch above via Fox News.

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