Jesse Watters of The O’Reilly Factor Kicked Off Cornell University Campus


Bill O’Reilly sent The O’Reilly Factor‘s producer Jesse Watters to the campus of Cornell University to interview students about a recent newspaper article claiming that 96 percent of faculty donations went to Democratic candidates. Watters was subsequently kicked off campus by the university’s media officials, who refused to grant him permission to interview students on campus.

According to the Cornell Daily Sun, 96 percent of the $600,000 Cornell’s faculty donated to political candidates in the past four years went to Democratic campaigns. Only 15 of the total 323 donors recorded gave to conservative candidates. O’Reilly didn’t think these numbers fit with the school’s diversity label, so he dispatched Waters to the campus.

For the first three minutes of the segment, Watters employed his usual “gotcha” style of television journalism by asking students about the numbers and whether or not conservative viewpoints are allowed on campus. He even quizzed a few of his interviewees, saying he would test them “to see if [they had] been indoctrinated” by asking about whether the U.S. should “build a wall along the southern border to protect against the illegal alien invasion.”

“Your brain is a sponge right now,” he joked with one student. “I’m worried that these teachers are starting to have a chilling effect.”

Unfortunately for Watters and his O’Reilly Factor crew, Cornell University’s administration apparently had not given them permission to film on campus. Hence why deputy director of media relations Melissa Osgood interrupted the segment at the 3:06 mark. “Sorry for interrupting,” she said, “We just ask that you don’t interview students on campus.”

Watters remarked that he had the permission of the student he was currently interviewing, but then he quickly turned the camera on Osgood and asked if Cornell had a problem with Fox News. Her response? “Absolutely not.”

He then interviewed Cornell’s senior director of media relations, John Carberry: “Would you grant us permission to interview students if they grant us permission to do the interview?”

Carberry said no, and when Watters pointed out that it was within the director’s power to do so, the former acknowledged the point but still didn’t grant permission.

The university sent Watters a statement on the matter, which he read a line from to O’Reilly in the studio. Even so, the two laughed off the segment and concluded that “they basically didn’t want [Watters] there.”

Check out the clip above, via Fox News.

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