Jesse Watters on Bourdain’s Poisoning Trump Joke: Wanting to Hurt POTUS Is a ‘Job Requirement’ at CNN

Jesse Watters weighed in tonight on CNN’s Parts Unknown host Anthony Bourdain‘s joke about poisoning President Trump.

“I think wanting to hurt the president is a job requirement over at CNN,” Watters began.

He ranked Bourdain’s joke below Kathy Griffin‘s photo shoot and above Fareed Zakaria, who liked the Julius Caesar performance that depicted Trump’s assassination.

“Think about if a Fox News anchor said something jokingly about assassinating President Obama.” Watters called out the hypocrisy of the media. “That would be the head of the New York Times, on all the network newscasts but because this is one of their own, they’re gonna cover up for him.”

Gillian Turner gave a semi-defense of Bourdain, pointing out he’s a “celebrity chef” and not a journalist and asked Juan Williams if such an employee from CNN has to remain neutral.

“I don’t take Bourdain that seriously,” Williams responded. “I agree with you, he is not journalist and I don’t think he was saying it seriously. But I think the right loves the idea that you can say there is hypocrisy or why isn’t CNN doing something to him and what if it had been Obama. You know, I get tired of this.”

“Well, go to sleep, Juan,” Watters joked.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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