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Jesse Watters on Comey’s Clinton Probe: ‘The FBI Should Change Its Motto to I’m With Her’

On Friday night, The Five weighed in the new revelation that then-FBI Director James Comey had drafted his exoneration letter in his investigation into Hillary Clinton months before he closed the investigation.

“I don’t trust Jim Comey as far as I could throw him,” Lisa Boothe said. “You can go through and look at things that he has said that aren’t backed up by facts. He has repeatedly either given blatant lies or misleading statements.”

Jesse Watters chimed in.

“I think the FBI should change its motto to ‘I’m With Her,'” Watters quipped. “This thing is more rigged than a carnival game.”

Watters then listed off other elements of the Clinton investigation he thought was suspicious.

“If you add the exoneration letter to the tarmac meeting, to the [Loretta] Lynch interference, to pleading the fifth, to wiping the server clean, to smashing Blackberries with hammers, it is the most corrupt situation you could ever imagine,” he continued. “They have a lot of work to regain any credibility.”

Kennedy teased Juan Williams that Hillary Clinton “lost the election,” which means she’s “had punishment enough.”

Williams defended Comey, saying there was “nine months of investigations” before he drafted that statement and that he was a “notetaker.”

“But you can’t take notes on interviews you haven’t already conducted,” Kennedy pushed back.

Greg Gutfeld mentioned the “funny part” is that Democrats “should be the people really interested in this.”

“Hillary Clinton was the worst nominee in the history of politics,” he elaborated. “If this news had become evident earlier, they could have jettisoned her, and had a better candidate, and possibly won the election.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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