Jesse Watters on Trump’s Birtherism: He Was ‘Just Having a Little Fun’ at Obama’s Expense


Hey, did you know that President Donald Trump’s multi-year embrace of birtherism — including his insistence that he had investigators working on the case — was all just a good-natured rib? Well, that’s what Fox News’ Jesse Watters would like you to believe.

During last night’s broadcast of Watters’ World, the Fox News personality brought on veteran rocker Todd Rundgren to discuss Rundgren telling Trump supporters not to come to his shows because they “won’t have a good time.” Towards the end of the segment, Rundgren was pressed about his recent song ‘Tin Foil Hat’ and why Trump was wearing a tin foil hat in the video.

“Well, he was the original conspiracy theorist, wasn’t he?” Rundgren asked Watters. “He didn’t believe that [Barack] Obama was born in this country and he fomented that pretty much from the time the former president was elected.”

Watters shot back, “I think he was just having a little fun at the president’s expense, don’t you think?”

Rundgren didn’t appear to notice this comment from Watters, instead pointing out that Trump is just a “whiny man” because he didn’t win the popular vote, causing Watters to state that it was Hillary Clinton who was the real whiner.

After spending numerous years questioning his predecessor’s birthplace and legitimacy to be president, Trump eventually relented last September and said that Obama was born in the United States. At the same time, he blamed Clinton for originally raising the birther question and credited himself for ending it.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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