Jesse Watters Says Trump Should ‘Sweep’ Mar-a-Lago After FBI Raid: ‘I Wouldn’t’ be Surprised if They Planted Bugs’


Jesse Watters advised former President Donald Trump to “sweep” his South Florida home for electronic listening devices after the FBI raided it Monday.

Trump was in New York when more than two-dozen FBI agents served a warrant at his Mar-a-Lago home and club.

The former president railed against the raid, and his son Eric Trump claimed Wednesday agents kept an attorney away while also ordering security cameras to be turned off. He said the cameras remained on.

The raid has been questioned by conservatives, many of whom have accused the Justice Department of politically-motivated malfeasance.

On The Five Wednesday, Watters implied the bureau might have planted listening devices at Mar-a-Lago on their way out the door.

Panelist Dana Perino asked Watters for his take on the raid.

“Jesse, it’s a true no one is above the law, but while the silence continues from DOJ and the White House, and the FBI that, it’s understandable that people are suspect about what is happening.”

Watters concluded President Joe Biden was personally behind the raid:

Biden raided Trump’s house and then went on vacation. He took Hunter on Air Force One with them. It’s crazy. Think Newsweek reported that they had a mole inside Mar-a-Lago, which doesn’t surprise me. Remember, they put moles in the campaign, put moles all over the place. They probably put the mole at Fox, it’s what they do.

Watters also alleged the bureau “shopped” around for a judge who would sign off on its search warrant.

He concluded:

The surveillance video at Mar-a-Lago exists. So, I think they should release that to show these guys rummaging through Melania’s closet. What do you think, The president went in there and like, stuffed things in her undergarments and like, sewed documents inside of her dresses so they couldn’t see it?

I wouldn’t be surprised also if they planted bugs. I mean, they did bug the campaign. They fraudulently doctored evidence to get a warrant to wiretap the campaign. I would sweep that whole estate with a bug sweeper.

Watters said Tuesday he took the raid on Trump’s home personally, and baselessly claimed the FBI might have planted evidence in Trump’s home.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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