Jesse Watters: Spygate Fuels Suspicion That The Russian Probe is an Obama Deep State ‘Political Coup’

On Friday night, Jesse Watters speculated the severity of what’s been coined “Spygate” by President Donald Trump.

Filling in for Laura Ingraham, Watters began by declaring that the “script is flipping” as the investigators behind the Russia probe are being investigated and asked if Spygate was “the Watergate of our era… or even worse,” adding that the reports of the FBI informant “fuel suspicion on the right that the Russia investigation has been nothing more than a political coup by Obama allies in the Deep State against the duly-elected President of the United States.”

“Have we actually witnessed an administration infiltrate the presidential campaign of the opposing party?” Watters asked.

After opening it up to the panel, Watters then shared two theories he had that may explain Spygate.

“First, the Obama Administration thought there was Russia infiltration so they use the Trump officials as bait in order to lure the Russians in. But nothing materialized, so they looked around and thought, ‘I have some Trump people on the hook here, let’s turn the screws,'” Watters said. “Or, it was deceitful from the very beginning. They wanted eyes and ears on the Trump campaign. So without any probable cause, they cooked up this echo chamber of spies and lies and misinformation to get the surveillance.”

Watters later asked, “Where are the Russians here in this investigation?”

Former FBI Special Agent Bill Beatty pointed out the double standard how the FBI briefed the DNC when they thought they were going to be vulnerable by foreign hackers but that no one in the Trump campaign was ever informed about potential Russia infiltration.

“It doesn’t seem like an anti-Russia operation, it seems like an anti-Trump operation,” Watters concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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