Jesse Watters: The Left Named The Ideology Behind Charlottesville Attack, But Won’t For Barcelona


The Five weighed in with their thoughts on the terrorist attack that took place in Barcelona.

Greg Gutfeld claimed that our country is “taking the eye off the ball” when it comes to Islamic extremism.

“There’s an existential war going on and it’s not internal. It’s no in the United States,” Gutfeld began. “We’re killing each other over statues. Statues don’t move. Terror- terror moves.”

He called this a “world war” and that our country is a “battle over the future of this world.”

“What worries me is about how we look at terror now as something mundane like extreme weather,’ he continued. “We’ve become accustomed to this pattern of it so that we report about it for about 72 hours and then we move on.”

Gutfeld warned that people will look back at this era as the “good ole days” because “when technology and terrorism marry each other,” it’s going to make “9/11 look very small” and that the world has to take this seriously.

Melissa Francis, who was filling in for Dana Perino, drew comparisons between what happened in Barcelona and what happened in Charlottesville last weekend, saying when watching the gathering of neo-Nazis, she thought “what fuels someone to feel such inhuman hatred for other human beings.”

“Is it pure evil?” she asked. “How do people get radicalized like this? Whether you’re talking about neo-Nazis or whether you’re talking about ISIS, to me it looks like the same sort of unfathomable problem.”

Jesse Watters agreed with both Gutfeld and Francis and said that this attack makes the people who are offended by statues “look really, really, really out of touch.”

“The real fascists are there in Barcelona,” Watters stated. “ISIS are the real fascists. So if Antifa really wants to fight fascism, maybe they should go over to Syria and ‘smash the fash.'”

He then went on to criticize the left for what he sees as a double standard.

“The left named and shamed the ideology behind the attacks in Charlottesville, white supremacy, but they won’t name and shame the ideology behind the attacks in Barcelona, radical Islam,” he said. “Instead, they want to say it’s a ‘van’ attack. ‘It was perpetrated by a van’- no. It was the driver of the van.”

He mocked CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for asking if the attack in Barcelona was a “copy cat crime,” calling such a thought “insane.”

Watters then mentioned the video that has been floating on the internet that shows the graphic carnage that took place on the streets of Barcelona with bloodied victims lying on the ground and said that he accidentally saw the uncensored version.

“At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized no, it wasn’t a mistake,” Watters continued. “Sometimes it’s good to watch the grotesque nature of the evil that we face because it reminds you about the enemy that we face. And it also shows how indiscriminate the attack was by going after innocent civilians.”

Watters hoped that this attack will “steel the spine of Spain” in the war on terror.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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