Jesse Watters: The Media Assumes Trump is ‘Either Evil, Dumb, or Lying’

In a segment on today’s edition of The Five, the group got into a talk about former President Jimmy Carter’s recent comments about the media’s tough treatment of President Donald Trump.

With Jimmy Carter being the eternal “King of Democrats,” the conservative members of The Five took this as a slam-dunk moment for the President and his supporters’ complaints against the “fake news media.” In case you forgot, it’s impossible to disagree with Jimmy Carter if you are a Democrat.

After Democrat Juan Williams chimed in that Carter was likely buttering Trump up so that he could be more involved with future diplomatic missions to North Korea, former Bill O’Reilly lackey Jesse Watters improvised some hard-hitting observations.

“They’ve called the President of the United States a white supremacist,” Watters said, “a bigot, a sexual assaulter, a homophobe. You name it, they can say it…”

He wrapped up by saying, “The assumption is that whenever the president does anything, the president is either evil, dumb, or he’s lying. And that’s the truth.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

[Featured image via screengrab]

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